Tuesday, December 27, 2011

> Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate (Cantonese)

The bad guys are the eunuchs of the Imperial Court, who have created their own unaccountable secret police, armed with bizarre weapons and utterly ruthless in their quest for power and wealth. The good guys are led by a former general, stripped of his rank by the eunuchs, who set out to shield the innocent, right some wrongs and restore decency to the Imperial Court. And the ugly guys are a gang of cut-throat bandits who have caught scent of a hoard of hidden treasure. Their conflicts come to a head at Dragon Inn, a remote outpost in the desert at the very frontier of the kingdom. But nearby stands Dragon Gate, portal to a lost world under the sands and a vast sandstorm is bearing down on the region. The final battle to the death is fought out amid the traps and feints of a great lost city, and in the whirlwind which turns the desert into a maelstrom of choking sand.
Classification: PG13
Genre: Action / Adventure / Martial Arts
General Release Date: 22 Dec 2011
Running Time: 2 Hours 3 Minutes
Distributor: Gsc Movies
Cast: Jet LiZhou XunChen KunLi YuchunKwan Lun-MeiMavis Fan
Director: Tsui Hark

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